What’s Behind Alfi’s New Tagline?

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Alfi’s new tagline – Everything Audience – sets a clear vision for the future of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH): To bring the next generation of disruptive technology that will transform DOOH advertising into audience-based marketing.

What do we mean exactly? A little perspective helps crystalize the need to place audiences at the center of all things DOOH.

Until recently, technological limitations made it difficult to accurately target and measure each individual seeing an Out-of-Home advertising campaign. For example, everyone walking by a digital billboard sees the same advertisement and campaign measurement relies on population projections, samples and attempts to match mobile datasets. In other words, there’s a fundamental gap in detecting each individual that makes up the audience – and whether they’re actually looking at the ad.

Potentially, brands are paying for impressions to the wrong – or even worse – non-existent audiences. Conversely, media companies aren’t monetizing the true value of their audiences. The contrast is starkest when compared to online advertising alternatives such as Search, Video or Social that start with each individual behavior or profile and then aggregate them into larger audiences.

Today, technologies such as sensor detection, artificial intelligence and cloud computing can bridge that gap between reaching individuals and aggregated audiences. Alfi can detect each individual facing a screen and serve ads relevant to their demographic profile.

The Future of DOOH Advertising

Alfi’s AI-based SaaS platform moves digital out-of-home away from one-way advertising on a loop into intelligent screens that can personalize and measure each viewer’s experience. By using computer vision and machine learning technology, our SaaS platform can detect the presence, demographics and behaviors of each viewer and serve relevant content.

Advertisers and media operators working with us can use verified impressions and real-time reporting metrics that break down audience characteristics such as age, gender and geolocation.

Alfi’s platform acts as the intelligence layer between screens, brands and audiences to help DOOH realize its full value and growth potential:

  • Advertisers optimize ad budgets – they only pay for verified impressions to the right audience for each individual ad impression.
  • Media operators maximize revenue yield from their network of screens by measuring audience demographics for each viewer – anonymously and in real-time.
  • Individuals are shown ads that are relevant to them in a process that is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

An exciting world of possibilities is opening up for the entire DOOH ecosystem: brands, audience and media operators. The foundation is everything audience.

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