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Our mission is to enable the real-time advertising economy with the next generation of disruptive technology.

Our company

Alfi, Inc. is transforming digital out of home advertising to real-time audience-based marketing. Alfi utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision to better serve ads to people. Alfi’s proprietary AI algorithm understands small facial cues and perceptual details and matches relevant advertising or content based on the viewer’s profile.

The automation works in a way that respects user privacy; without tracking, storing cookies, or using identifiable personal information. Ad agencies are empowered to examine real-time analytics data including interactive experiences, engagement, sentiment, and click-through rate that are otherwise unavailable to out-of-home advertisers.

The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, FL. The listed name for ALFI, Inc. is ALF Common stock.

Leadership Team

Peter Bordes

Peter Bordes

Interim CEO

Dave Gardner

David M. Gardner



John Cook


Louis Almerini CPA

Louis Almerini

Interim CFO

Ron Spears

Ron Spears


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Board of Directors

Jim Lee


Peter Bordes

Peter Bordes

Board Member

Allison Ficken

Board Member

Frank Smith

Board Member

Patrick Dolan

Board Member

Allen Capsuto

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The Founder's Letter

In 2020, smack in the middle of Alfi’s commercialization launch the world’s economy ground to a halt due to the global pandemic, Covid-19. Who could have predicted this turn of events? We felt like being in the middle of an Apocalypse.

We did not think that we would have to pivot so many times as were building the Alfi platform.

Life has its own way of throwing punches and only the strong and those willing to adapt survive and continue to evolve.

Despite all the obstacles, hurdles and pressure points we have diligently and relentlessly followed our mission.

We never stopped pursuing our objective to build a real-time transparent and accountable AI driven software platform that was privacy compliant.

Our initial proprietary models developed not only deliver content and curated branding opportunities, but in addition utilize our core technology driven by recommendation engines that adapt and continuously evolve.

Our intention to focus on areas of technology which are challenging and finding solutions for areas which are disconnected and currently inefficient in the IT world were paramount for our delivery and positive growth.

Along the way this digital transformation consumed us with so many new insights which had to evolve without getting personal, while still being able to understand the complexity of human nature.

Our software platform will change the user experience worldwide in front of any digital screen forever.

Our philosophy to “live while you wait” makes it a positive experience for everyone.

We were fortunate to have a strong close-knit team where there was trust and confidence in each other to work through the challenges that we met along the way… and we certainly had our challenges.

All development was created in stealth mode pending patents and copywrite legalities for several years. This made it that much more difficult to explain the whole story to potential partners and employees.

Countless NDA’s and confidentiality agreements later we were able to blitz through this phase to execute Alfi, breaking the ceiling on basic reporting metrics while being able to respect user privacy.

With a global development team and communication on multiple time zones our work ethics were being redefined. Standards and protocol were not the norm but an idiosyncrasy. Global cultural adaptation and less than convenient hours were ongoing and engaging experiences.

Tight time lines became an understatement with some disappointments and some breakthroughs but getting the results bit by bit and being relentless ended up carrying us through.

A software development project that most thought unachievable evolved into a new digital platform that we believe will cause a transformation and we remain confident and purposeful in our pursuit.