In-car Rideshare Advertising Powered by AI

Alfi’s exclusive network of AI-powered screens at the back of Uber & Lyft rideshares brings unprecedented targeting precision to digital out-of-home. We use computer vision technology to match audiences with relevant advertising in real-time and in a privacy-compliant process.

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Alfi’s advertising platform is transforming digital out-of-home advertising into real-time, audience-centered marketing. We use artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect audience demographics such as age and gender and serve more relevant advertising. 
The process is fully privacy-compliant, without tracking and storing cookies, or using identifiable personal information. Clients are empowered to deliver targeted advertising based on verified impressions, and examine real-time audience analytics data that are otherwise unavailable to out-of-home advertisers.

Privacy Compliant Technology

We set new standards for target marketing and respect users privacy with non-intrusive information gathering.
▪︎ GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
▪︎ CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act Complaint)
▪︎ HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Insurance Act)

Our Technology

▪︎ AI & Machine Learning
▪︎ Big Data
▪︎ SaaS
▪︎ Computer Vision
▪︎ Recommendation Engine
▪︎ IoT Cloud
▪︎ Interaction Services
The intelligence layer between screens, brands and their audience

Alfi brings next level transparency and accountability to the digital out-of-home advertising marketplace.


Alfi's tablets in rideshare cars match passenger profiles with relevant ads


Alfi works with retail partners to deliver tailor-made solutions

COVID-19 DOOH Advertising


Real-time audience measurement and customized content delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

ALFI is an intelligent software powered by AI and computer vision. With privacy engrained in the company’s core values, we create relevant and interactive digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising experiences, delivering the content to the end-user ethically and respectfully and offering DOOH advertisers a never-before-seen precision in DOOH targeting.

ALFI’s software turns a digital display into an intelligent screen that can detect audiences and serve the right messages to make their media more valuable and effective.  

ALFI’s proprietary platform recognizes what – not who – is viewing a digital out-of-home ad and serves content based on the viewer’s gender and age in an ethical and respectful manner. 

ALFI believes this type of anonymized, yet targeted advertising is the future of the industry, especially as companies move away from cookies and deep collection of a consumer’s personal data and browsing history. 

ALFI solves many of the challenges advertisers face today and provides brands the ability to serve relevant ads to consumers in physical environments, driving sales and relevance without capturing any personal information.

ALFI understands small facial cues and perceptual details to detect a face and predict the age and gender of the person looking at the screen. Hence, ALFI uses facial detection — not facial recognition. 

The term facial detection is different from facial recognition, in that facial detection refers to the analyzing or detecting of patterns and emotions, whereas facial recognition technology (FRT) stores data in order to recognize or identify an individual against existing content. 

ALFI does not track or identify anyone, nor does it record or store facial images.

ALFI’s smart technology detects behavior without collecting or storing personal data or facial images. It sets new standards by providing precise targeting information to advertisers by collecting information in non-intrusive ways that are compliant with  GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Since both GDPR and CCPA focus on the collection and storage of personal data, the fact that ALFI does not collect any personal identifiers or information makes it compliant to these privacy laws.

ALFI’s activities in the UK

The ALFI platform is built using GDPR standards in the UK. For example, the Hammersmith Broadway Mall leverages ALFI’s software. With ALFI, they are able to control the advertisements consumers are served in real time without capturing personal information. Similarly, in the Belfast Airport, we have set up kiosks that detect metrics like age and gender to deliver relevant content to the demographic viewing the screen, all built to GDPR standards. And, in keeping with those standards, our tablets in taxis do not store images of riders.

ALFI does not collect or store any kind of personal data, accordingly there’s no consent required.

No, Alfi does not deploy its technology in this manner.

Our mission is to enable the real-time advertising economy with the next generation of disruptive technology.

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