Alfi Launches First-of-Its-Kind AI Audience Analytics–Delivers Real-Time Audience Matching, Insights and Impression Verification to DOOH Advertising

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AI SaaS Advertising Platform Delivers New Innovative Measurement Solution to Enable Brands and Screen Owners to Understand Consumers in Real-Time

Alfi (NASDAQ: ALF), an artificial intelligence visual recognition SaaS advertising platform, announced today the launch of AI Audience Analytics (“Audience Analytics”), a highly disruptive solution aimed at addressing significant issues with measuring digital out-of-home audiences and campaign outcomes. The system, which can pinpoint up to 400 viewers per second, will enable screen owners and brands to understand, and match their audiences in real-time, by using an interactive platform that delivers verified advertising impressions.

“Traditionally, out-of-home measurement was derived from arbitrary polygoned device ID metrics that essentially guess who might have passed or viewed an ad, which narrows the already small window of opportunity a brand might have to connect with consumers on the go and lead to a point of sale,” said Peter Bordes, Interim CEO, Alfi. “Our analytics are fully interactive and take the guesswork out of DOOH measurement, making it the first in the market to deliver the degree of accuracy advertisers have come to expect from digital advertising – without the use of cookies, or device IDs. Our analytics identify and match real audience participants in real-time and enable brands to know they viewed their campaign.”

Screen owners and brands can filter data by geographic location, gender, time and date, age, and ad serving device for comprehensive audience insights, in real-time in a privacy-compliant manner. The next version will add even deeper insights such as mood, expression, and much more.

“Numerous metrics have been created to infer traffic for DOOH. Mobile device identification, for instance, can estimate the number of people who walked in the vicinity of your ad,” said Ron Spears, Chief Revenue Officer, Alfi. “Alfi is the first to deliver what is actually happening down to the second. Our team of engineers has created efficient software innovations that are elevating Alfi’s marketing-leading AI advertising solutions. We’re revolutionizing the DOOH marketplace by enhancing brand reach with live interactivity, compliant data capture, and real-time insight into ad performance and consumer preferences.”

The latest announcement comes on the heels of Alfi’s first domestic airport kiosk partnership with BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, where its AI digital advertising technology is poised to reach 27 million passengers – further cementing Alfi’s mission to reimagine how consumers receive and interact with personalized content in DOOH environments.

Alfi’s AI-enabled intelligent tablets are currently available to rideshare drivers in 18 major U.S. markets. Brands can visit to learn more about Alfi’s Marketing Solutions.

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Alfi, Inc. provides solutions that bring transparency and accountability to the digital out-of-home advertising marketplace. Since 2018, Alfi, Inc. has been developing its artificial intelligence advertising platform to deliver targeted advertising in an ethical and privacy-conscious manner. For more information, please visit:

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