Frazier & Deeter Appointed to Alfi

Alfi is pleased to announce the engagement of Frazier & Deeter, LLC as the company’s independent registered public accounting firm as of December 30, 2021. The Audit Committee of Alfi’s Board of Directors made the decision after a careful and thorough evaluation process, after which it was ratified by the

Introducing Patrick Dolan, Alfi’s Newest Board Member

In joining Alfi’s board of directors, Patrick Dolan adds a wealth of valuable industry experience and knowledge. His unique background and insight will help guide Alfi in its newest and most exciting phase yet. “We are excited to welcome Patrick and Allen to our board of directors as we continue

Out-of-home (OOH) Media Formats

With the rise in vaccine rates and restrictions easing up, people are venturing back out into the world again. As consumers travel to and from work, run errands, socialize and explore spaces beyond their homes and grocery stores, the opportunity to connect with people is only growing.  This is where

The Future of DOOH Programmatic Advertising: ALFI-Vistar Collaboration

Powerful AI enterprise SaaS platform, Alfi has recently partnered with Vistar Media. This successful partnership brings together Alfi’s smart digital software solutions with Vistar Media’s complete end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for DOOH advertising.  In 2020, global programmatic ad spend reached an estimated $129 billion USD, with spending set to surpass $150

The Best SSP Advertising Companies

Modern technology has drastically changed the field of advertising. For publishers, it used to be a long, drawn-out process of negotiating with ad buyers for available ad real estate – often resulting in spaces left unsold. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) have changed all that. These powerful yield optimization tools have made

What is a Supply-Side Platform?

The increase in OOH (out-of-home advertising) and DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising options has allowed brands and ad buyers to reach target audiences more effectively, adapt their strategies in real-time, and access a wealth of data for better decision-making.  Beyond the benefits of demand-side platforms (DSPs) – and we will go

ad ecosystems

Ad Ecosystems and the Rise of Smart Cities Boost DOOH Advertising Growth

Along with the steady rise of the smart city, the growing wave of digital has spurred an increasing need for more powerful ad ecosystems and networks. Trends are quickly changing and out-of-home advertising is evolving to keep up with the pace. Digital is the natural next step for creating ad

Programmatic advertising spend

Programmatic Advertising Spend Predicted to Increase

ALFI’s global research shows that programmatic advertising spend is expected to increase over the next three years: 49% of senior advertising executives expect spending on programmatic advertising to increase dramatically over the next three years with 43% believing there will be a “slight” increase.

facial recognition technology ai

Facial Recognition Advertising: The Future is Here

With advancements in modern technology and digital screens everywhere, it’s no surprise that facial recognition is emerging as a growing trend for use in security, health, user authentication, mobile banking, and now even retail and marketing applications.  In this article, we’re going to break down everything surrounding facial recognition advertising

miami beach digital billboard advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising in Miami

AdTech company, ALFI uses computer vision and machine-learning models to detect the demographics of the person looking at the tablet screen and then deliver personalized content along with advertisements. Delivering relevant, strategic content results in higher than industry average click-through rates and better return on investment for advertisers.

Programmatic advertising integrates and streamlines the relationship between technology, publishers, advertisers, and consumers

How Does Programmatic Advertising Change DOOH?

Everything has gone digital. So it only makes sense that with the modernization and digitization of everyday tasks, that advertising would be next in line for an upgrade.  Programmatic advertising integrates and streamlines the relationship between technology, publishers, advertisers, and consumers – speeding up the ad buying and delivery process

Is Data-Driven Advertising Dead?

The cookie is dead. As more and more people have made the switch to mobile website browsing, the risk of security breaches and increased consumer demand has pushed Google, Safari, Firefox, and others – along with major tech giant Apple – to phase out third-party cookie use and drastically change

How to Collect First Party Data

How Can Advertisers Collect Their Own First-Party Data?

Along with the development of advanced marketing and targeting technologies, a growing concern has emerged over the handling of personal user data.  In its attempt to get ahead of growing customer privacy concerns – and perhaps to exclude its competition a bit – Apple’s new iOS 14 feature expressly informs

Outdoor Advertising

8 Tips for Creating Outdoor Advertising that Works

COVID-19 forced the majority of brick-and-mortar businesses to transform their operations – and in some cases, their products and services – overnight.  With patrons stuck indoors and away from most recreational events for much of 2020 and 2021, it seems only natural that outdoor spaces have evolved to become a

DOOH advertising for small businesses

Why Should Small Businesses Leverage Digital Out-of-Home Advertising?

Looking to increase your online presence, improve sales, and increase your conversions? How do you – a small business owner – set your brand apart from the numerous businesses popping up both on- and offline?  Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), of course. It’s been a chaotic year for businesses big and

DOOH Advertising Growth

What’s Driving DOOH Advertising Growth in 2021?

In terms of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, the pandemic accelerated many trends that were already gaining popularity before regulations for social distancing and isolation were put in place.  The use of DOOH is only gaining in popularity and for good reason; it gives brands access to real-time data, allows them

Rideshare advertising

Where does DOOH reach consumers?

On any given day, your target audience is out there interacting with the world in a variety of digital ways – with the potential to engage and convert casual viewers into active consumers.  Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising allows marketers, brands, and agencies the opportunity to connect with users as they

ALFI is Now a Publicly-Traded Company

We’re excited to share an important milestone for Alfi: Today we became a public company! We started Alfi in 2016 to help our customers bring transparency and accountability to the digital out of home, or “DOOH,” advertising marketplace. To do that, we have focused on building an exceptional platform to

CCPA Compliance

Everything You Need to Know about CCPA Compliance

As more and more commerce shifts towards tech-centered solutions, the debate over the collection and storage of personal data rages ever wildly on.  And while many brands, companies, small businesses, and even browser developers might need to rethink their strategy and data sourcing process, the inevitable shift towards privacy and

First-party data

What Does First-Party Data Mean for AdTech?

The endless stream of personal information gathered and shared both on and offline does not seem to be slowing down, so consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency and accountability, along with enhanced privacy and security protections.  In response, large companies like Google, Apple, and others are making sweeping changes to

Cartop Advertising

Cartop Advertising: the New Opportunity for Out-of-Home?

Looking for easy ways to target a broad audience of potential customers while they’re en route from one place to the next? Have you considered cartop advertising? With the continued success of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, it makes sense for businesses, brands, and even drivers themselves to capitalize

digital signage for retail stores

What are the Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail Stores?

The world of static content is quickly being replaced by engaging dynamic ads that adapt to customer behavior and preferences. Businesses that don’t adapt will have a hard time keeping up with the competition. Strong visuals can affect purchasing decisions, boosting sales, increasing customer engagement, and enhancing a company’s digital


What Role Does GDPR Play in AdTech?

With the explosion of technology use in e-commerce, the collection and storage of personal data has become a hotly debated topic. Consumers have become more aware of how their unique data is shared with third-party sites, pushing more rigid security and privacy measures into place. This has led to the

Billboard Advertising

Your Ultimate Guide to Billboard Advertising and Its Costs

While the majority of today’s advertising conversations revolve around smartphones and the exclusive use of digital technology, that vision misses one large piece of the profit puzzle: billboard advertising.  What is billboard advertising?  Generally, it’s using large-scale print advertisements to market a business, brand, product, service, or campaign in high

Demand side platform, DSP

How Do Demand-Side Platforms Change Out-of-Home Advertising?

It’s tough for businesses to stay relevant in an increasingly digital age – now even more so with pandemic-related restrictions. Is your business trying to reach your target demographic faster and more efficiently? Are you still waiting until the end of a marketing campaign to consider the next steps?  If

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