Museum Benefits

  • Collect Alfi at entrance and return to charging post on exit.
  • Avoid looking along the walls of the convention center for a socket or plug to charge your phone.
  • Stay mobile with Alfi while you get charged!
  • Alfi is your museum concierge for a specially guided tour of your favourite paintings.
  • Alfi QR code will capture each painting and provide a narrative of the painting.
  • Internal GPS guide map showing special exhibits locations, restaurants and more.
  • Take the best resolution photos and upload to your PDA.

Sector Benefits

  • Interact with the museum support staff to get your personalized advice.
  • Get updated on all of the services the museum facility has to offer.
  • Get a list of the brand owners and exhibitors in the museum.
  • Let Alfi plot your fastest route to see all your favorite paintings.
  • Collect Alfi at the entrance and return to a charging post on exit.
  • Watch a great movie clip or read the latest news.
  • Play a game or just surf the internet.

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