Alfi and Paynuity Announce Strategic Collaboration

Alfi, Inc. and Paynuity, Inc. announced a technical collaboration agreement for the creation of product offerings which combine Alfi’s digital-out-of-home advertising platform with Paynuity’s next-gen enterprise financial technology services.

What are the Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail Stores?

digital signage for retail stores

The world of static content is quickly being replaced by engaging dynamic ads that adapt to customer behavior and preferences. Businesses that don’t adapt will have a hard time keeping up with the competition. Strong visuals can affect purchasing decisions, boosting sales, increasing customer engagement, and enhancing a company’s digital presence. Plus despite the fast-paced […]

Why Is Digital Signage So Effective?

Digital Signage

The impact of old-fashioned, static signs is falling while digital signage use and effectiveness continue to grow. When used properly, digital signage helps bring new life to a commercial environment. Thanks to innovative technology, digital signage can catch consumers’ attention and deliver messages that will improve the overall experience and interaction with a specific brand. […]