The Future of DOOH Programmatic Advertising: ALFI-Vistar Collaboration

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Powerful AI enterprise SaaS platform, Alfi has recently partnered with Vistar Media. This successful partnership brings together Alfi’s smart digital software solutions with Vistar Media’s complete end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for DOOH advertising. 

In 2020, global programmatic ad spend reached an estimated $129 billion USD, with spending set to surpass $150 billion by the end of 2021. With programmatic ad spend predicted to increase, it’s even more important for publishers, ad buyers, and brands alike to invest in scalable, cost-efficient solutions that improve the performance of their programmatic digital ad spend. 

Alfi is uniquely positioned with an advertising inventory that will reach an excess of $500 million before the end of 2022. Aligning that inventory with the enormous demand for programmatic advertising from Vistar’s marketplace seems only natural. 

Furthermore, according to Alfi’s programmatic research, 94% of global advertising executives are aware of the benefits programmatic advertising will have on their business and cited automation as a main driver. The Alfi-Vistar partnership delivers unique, scalable programmatic ad solutions for publishers, ad buyers, and brands everywhere.


With Alfi joining the programmatic exchange via Vistar’s supply-side platform, advertisers will be able to purchase inventory exactly as all other digital media is transacted, via an open exchange or private marketplace deal. Alfi will also be leveraging Vistar’s ad serving technology to power a sophisticated advertising planning, buying, and reporting experience. 

“At Vistar, our goal is to build software that can bring the next generation of cutting-edge digital signage into the programmatic marketplace and support data-driven advertising and complex customer experiences,” said Eric Lamb, SVP of Supply, Vistar Media. “Alfi’s inventory and data-first approach to DOOH provide new opportunities for buyers to engage with consumers in a targeted, measurable and impactful way.”

This collaboration will provide advertisers and agencies programmatic access to Alfi’s impactful inventory and enable complex ad delivery across all campaigns.

“With Vistar’s offerings, Alfi can now help customers manage execution of their campaigns, and better control interaction with a single system – cutting down on time and overall cost,” according to Chris Whalen, Alfi’s VP of National Sales.

Alfi’s intelligent ad platform provides advertisers with a robust reporting interface, allowing them to learn more about how their target audiences interact with ad content. Data-rich reporting functionality informs advertisers when someone viewed their ad, how many times it was viewed, and how viewers reacted to the content. To excel in an increasingly digital sphere, advertisers need more enhanced performance and capabilities from the ad tech they employ. 

This is where Alfi delivers with impressive real-time analytics, accountability, transparency, and proof of engagement. Brands can then use this valuable intel to gauge their campaign efficacy and deliver hyper-targeted advertising based on actual impressions, ad spots in a loop, the frequency of ads, times of day, emotional impact on viewers, and other key metrics that will drive recognition, traffic, and conversions. 

Plus, Alfi’s cutting-edge AI algorithms can detect a viewer’s age, gender, and emotional reaction, instantly tailoring ad content based on each individual viewer. 

Alfi’s intelligent software has the ability to detect and understand small facial cues. It views a face and predicts the age and gender of the person closest to the screen without capturing or keeping any images or identification data. 

These small facial cues are used to detect what is in front of the screen at the moment that an ad is displayed. Alfi then measures emotional reactions to ads by categorizing them into positive reactions, neutral reactions, and negative reactions. 

This facial detection – not facial recognition – creates more targeted marketing without violating user privacy. Its proprietary platform recognizes what – not who – is viewing a digital out-of-home ad. Via facial detection technology, Alfi’s AI determines gender, age, and emotional reaction. This allows Alfi to store and serve relevant ads based on these factors. 

“Alfi’s distribution of digital screens nationwide provides an incredible opportunity for Vistar buyers to reach their target audiences in captive, engaging moments. Our transformative SaaS technology plays in the digital out-of-home world, which expands advertisers’ reach and enables them to gain a powerful understanding of their audience by gender, geography, and other non-invasive metrics never before measured,” continued Whalen. 

Alfi’s global research reveals that 74% of global advertising executives strongly believe that the development and expansion of ad ecosystems and networks will provide explosive growth opportunities for the DOOH advertising market. 

“Advertising executives have embraced the ways that programmatic technology benefits real-time measurement and campaign management at scale,” said Ron Spears, Alfi’s Chief Revenue Officer. “It is clear that campaign creation, placements, and even ad creative can help advertisers configure ad cycles ahead of time to focus on high-level strategy and bid management. Now, with one interface, advertisers and programmatic buyers can work together and ensure all creative content results in positive ROI.”

 Other benefits include:

● APIs

● Open Exchanges: Any approved programmatic buyer can bid on unsold inventory in real-time

● Private marketplaces: Brands curate packages of inventory at a fixed rate for preferred buyers

● Real-time robust diagnostics and reporting tools for immediate decision making

● Protection of inventory with creative approval and restrictions

Alfi’s most recent venture includes a national rollout in rideshare advertising, placing intelligent tablets with independent rideshare drivers across 13 markets. By the fourth quarter of 2022, Alfi expects that number to reach 150,000 AI-enabled tablets. The possibilities for DOOH advertising are endless.

Click here to learn more about Alfi’s scalable digital OOH solutions.

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